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Cảm biến đo tải trọng Load Cell Geokon 4900X | 4900X

Cảm biến đo tải trọng Load Cell Geokon 4900X

Cảm biến đo tải trọng Load Cell (VW) Geokon Model 4900X


This load cell was designed to be attached to the base of a pocket-door type lock gate to measure its weight.

The load cell comprises a heavy steel beam in the web of which were installed three miniature vibrating wire strain gages and one vibrating wire temperature sensor. A total of four load cells were manufactured — each one calibrated to 260 tonnes with an average sensitivity on the order of 0.2 tonnes. The lock gates operate on rollers, which wear out more quickly if the weight of the lock gates increase due to silt accumulation.

Having load cells in place will indicate when the silt build up has reached a critical level and should be removed. The load cells were fitted with a length of multi-conductor cable equipped with an underwater connector that can be plugged-in, or unplugged, by a diver after installation.

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