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Slope Stability


  • Careful monitoring and examination of slopes for failure warning signs is critical for protecting people and / or facilities down slope. The type of instruments selected for any monitoring program will depend upon the geology of the soil or rock mass and the problems to be monitored but may include Extensometers capable of measuring rock mass displacements, Piezometers for monitoring groundwater parameters, Crackmeters for measuring changes in crack width, and Inclinometers to locate and monitor acceleration (or deceleration) of shear zones.

Hakone Volcano

Hakone, Japan

Instability of the slopes around the Hakone Volcano, in Japan, is currently being monitored by an extensive network of vibrating wire instrumentation. Long Range Displacement Transducers survey the movements of the slope, while special Piezometers and Temperature Sensors, designed to withstand the high temperatures and acidic conditions, monitor the temperatures and water levels at depths of up to 50 m. The condition of the nearby water supply tunnel and dike is monitored by a series of PiezometersCrackmeters and Tiltmeters. The instrumentation is monitored automatically by a special Micro-10 datalogging system designed to operate in the hydrogen sulfide environment that surrounds the area.

For additional information, please contact: Kunihiko Mano | Geosonic, Incorporated

HanNam Road

  • Seoul, Korea

    The excavation for the HanNam Road expansion project was supported by a system of soil nails. The stability and safety of the excavation was monitored using selected nails instrumented with low profile Strain Gages.

    For additional information, please contact:

    Young Eok, Kwon | Heung-In E & I Co., Ltd.

Water Supply System “ISCAR” (WSSI)

Sofia, Bulgaria

WSSI is located about 30 km southeast of Sofia on a steep slope underlain by layers of gneiss and schist, and a widely fluctuating groundwater table.

A comprehensive instrumentation system, comprising Extensometers and Inclinometers, was installed at each of 4 locations to monitor any ground movements that may result from changes in water level in the slope.

Additional instrumentation included Load Cells, to measure loads on adjacent ground anchors, mechanical crackmeters to monitor crack growth on the concrete Machinery Chamber and a rainfall gauging station.

For additional information, please contact: Petko Slavov